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From surviving an axe attack to forging a new life: “No matter how painful it is, you should fight, never give way to fear or humiliation and go all the way.” / Taguhi Mansuryan

Her eyes are filled with tears, her voice quivers and her hands search for a hand to hold, so that not to give in to despair. A few months ago, Taguhi realized that she had to survive and overcome alone the tragic events that had befallen her.

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“The important thing is not take on the role of the victim and to live while you are alive.” / Vardine Grigoryan

At the age of ten, after losing her mother, Vardine was forced to fight alone for her rights and convince society that she had the right to live like any other, . Looking back at her childhood, Vardine realizes that she came out as a winner, admitting that she has fulfilled the most ambitious dreams of her childhood, reaching higher heights.

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