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Sweet as honey, salty as tears: starting a better life from scratch. Inna Sargsyan / DAPHNE 

It’s hard now, very hard. We have to start our lives from scratch for the second time. But there are people who have lost a lot more. I’m not afraid of starting from zero, because that’s another starting point. We have always started all over again. I will do that this time too, of that I’m sure.

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“When they see an educated girl in Yazidi community, they praise her, taking pride in her achievements, but they never allow their own daughters to study”: Zuzan, “the brave”, Khuboyan.

“In our family, they attach great importance to women’s education. My grandmother is a well-known poet and my mother is an avid reader. I do believe that future belongs to nations where mothers are readers,” says Zuzan.

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Մի՛ լռիր / Do not be silent


Վերջին 10 տարիներին ընտանեկան բռնության հետևանքով մահացել է ավելի քան 100 կին։ Նրանցից շատերը կփրկվեին, եթե շրջապատը չլիներ անտարբեր։ Մի՛ եղիր անտարբեր: Մի՛ լռիր:

More than a 100 women have been killed in domestic violence over the last 10 years in Armenia. Most of them would have survived if people around them did not remain silent. Indifference kills.

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“I don’t carry hate in my heart. I am a winner, because I was able to forgive.” Nelly Shahbazyan: breaking the chains of orphan mindset to pave her way to happiness

“I was only seven years old, when my sister and I were placed in a children’s home in Vanadzor. My grandmother took us there, as she had promised my mother not to give us to any relative after her death,” she recalls.

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Getting a Job Saved my Life. Mariam Melikyan: a Lifelong Journey from Violence to Happiness in Everlasting Silence

“Daily beatings and violence had become a part of our married life. He would beat me at the slightest pretext or for nothing at all. He beat me out from jealousy, whenever he was frustrated, or whenever he felt like doing it. When he beat me in front our daughter, it was the last straw for me. I just moved to my parents’ house together with my child,” says Mariam Melikyan.

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“I could not live with the realization of what he had done to children.” Nana Manucharyan: from Stigma to Resilience of Burnt Clay

“The moment I learnt the truth, I just lost any interest in life. I wished I hadn’t known anything at all,” says Nana Manucharyan, who was only 21 when she discovered the ugly, devastating reality of her marriage: her husband was a child abuser.

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“Your life is in your hands, you can change it. Nothing is impossible – I changed my life” — Lena Harutyunyan: from despair to inspirer

“My son was 1.5 year when I first ran into the reality. We discovered he had autism. A big test was awaiting me in this life. I was disappointed with the world, life, relatives, friends, my own mother and father, even myself,” Lena Harutyunyan says, and her eyes fill with tears.

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