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“Your life is in your hands, you can change it. Nothing is impossible – I changed my life” — Lena Harutyunyan: from despair to inspirer

“My son was 1.5 year when I first ran into the reality. We discovered he had autism. A big test was awaiting me in this life. I was disappointed with the world, life, relatives, friends, my own mother and father, even myself,” Lena Harutyunyan says, and her eyes fill with tears.

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From surviving an axe attack to forging a new life: “No matter how painful it is, you should fight, never give way to fear or humiliation and go all the way.” / Taguhi Mansuryan

Her eyes are filled with tears, her voice quivers and her hands search for a hand to hold, so that not to give in to despair. A few months ago, Taguhi realized that she had to survive and overcome alone the tragic events that had befallen her.

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